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Job Seekers

St Laurence MyWORK is a not-for-profit organisation that has a strong commitment to assisting people secure and maintain employment. 

At a St Laurence MyWork office you will find a friendly, professional team of staff who will guide and coach you through your journey to find and keep a job in line with your employment goals. 

We will use our extensive contacts with local employers to help you find the best possible job. And, we will give you the support you need to keep a new job.

Who We Help

St Laurence MyWORK provides assistance to job seekers under the jobactive and Disability Employment Services contracts, eligibility for assistance is dependent on your individual circumstances.

If you’re interested in becoming a St Laurence MyWORK job seeker you can register with Centrelink and ask to be referred to St Laurence MyWORK.

You may also be eligible to register directly with St Laurence, this option is only available under certain circumstances, for example if:

  • you are a young job seeker (aged 15 to 21 years) in crisis or with significant issues preventing you from getting a job
  • you receive an income support payment, such as Carer Payment, Parenting Payment or the Disability Support Pension, and you don’t have participation requirements (that is, you are volunteering for services)
  • Not in receipt of Income Support Payments and not working in paid employment for 15 hours or more per week

To discuss your eligibility to register contact your local St Laurence MyWORK office.

How We Help

  • Prepare industry relevant resumes. 
  • Assistance with the full application process including selection criteria. 
  • Link you into weekly job search groups. 
  • Help you look for work by sending you job alerts and appointment reminders. 
  • Access relevant work experience and work trials with local employers. 
  • An Employability Skills Program to further support you into employment Assist you into suitable work for the dole places. 
  • Provide information on government incentives available to help you find and keep a job. 
  • Support prior to commencing into employment and up to 6 months into your new job

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Your Success is Our Success

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